“I love my hijab. It reminds me that my body is a sacred part of me, constantly changing. My worth doesn't come from my shape, whether my shape fits the current societal standards of beauty, or not. Society is constantly pushing women to feel that their power is derived from their youth and sexiness. My hijab reminds me that my strength and beauty come from within and improve with age.”

Sabira Interview

When you see someone who is beautiful, what is it about them that strikes you as beautiful?

There's a difference between being attractive and being beautiful.

If I'm seeing somebody really beautiful, it's usually related to who she is as a human being. There are times when I look over at my mom and think, ‘Oh my God, you are so beautiful!' She's not wearing any makeup or doing anything pretentious, she's just sitting there reading a book or being with her grandkids.  I see her inner beauty.  It's just who she is, it's her kindness. She's an incredibly loving and compassionate person, very giving, very nurturing.  She's always encouraging you to be your best. That's just her soul.

When do you feel the most beautiful?
I tend to feel most beautiful when my face is bare without any makeup.  There's something about my own pigmentation, my own eyes that I really appreciate-at the risk of sounding vain.  I don't think I'm vain, I just like what God gave me.
Usually I feel the most beautiful when I'm outside and there's a breeze somewhere. This feeling that stirs up in my heart when I feel connected to the universe; I'm usually feeling pretty spiritual.
I feel like beauty comes from God. It's this incredible part of creation that comes from God and reflects God and I guess that's when I feel the most beautiful: I just know that when I feel connected to God, I feel the most beautiful.
It's all so valuable, all so precious, we're all having very similar experiences. Let's recognize that, let's learn from each other– how can we uplift each other and find value in our existence?
What's the most beautiful thing about you?
Through all the challenges I have internally, all my ups and downs, I still strive to be sincere.

I'd say that's probably the most beautiful thing about me– the way I try to be sincere, and how I promise to keep doing my best to come back to who I want to be and how I connect to God.

No matter how many times I mess up, I still turn back to God to be my best self. In Islam, my name means patiently persevering toward good, toward the higher, toward the best; I think that is my intention.



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