In Support of All Moms

Being a mom is challenging under optimal circumstances, but we all know it's a lot harder for some moms. I am always thinking about moms who struggle to care for their children, but it haunts me more these days given what's happening in our communities. Single moms, struggling moms, scared moms, unprepared moms- they are close to my heart because I know, with just a little less luck, I would have been one.

At twenty-three, I was pregnant, panicked, and single. I was bartending at night, with no college degree, having dropped out not once, but twice (hardly anyone knows that about me). I would sit up at night, wracking my brain, trying to figure how I was going to give this baby the life it deserved because I was already madly in love with him.

But my story is not a story of struggle, it's a story of privilege. It's a story of second (and third) chances. I had a family willing to offer emotional and financial support. I brought my baby home to a beautiful house. I had parents who helped when he cried ALL night. I had the money and energy for college and grad school and grad school again. I got to play with and love my baby without worrying about how I would feed him.

And let me be clear. This was all a stroke of luck, a stroke of luck that has continued for me. My beautiful life is a product of circumstance. It wasn't because it was God's plan or because I deserved it. Everyone deserves it.

In honor of all moms, my company is donating 20% of all gift card sales between now and Mother's Day to Fareground, an organization that helps alleviate food insecurity in our communities. If you are looking for something special for your mom, wife, partner, perhaps you will support our efforts. We offer denominations as small as $10.

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