Amanda Black

What does it mean to be beautiful?

Being beautiful is taking care of yourself, both inwardly and outwardly whether than means eating well, reading, or coming to the salon to get your eyebrows done.

We get so busy taking care of others and managing expectations that come from outside ourselves. How do you take care of you?

What’s really beautiful is when you love yourself enough to take care of yourself. Even if I can’t do everything I want to do for myself, those first little steps are just as wonderful.

How do you feel when you feel beautiful?

When I feel most beautiful, I am not thinking about what I look like or how I am being perceived. It’s like “I’m here and I’m just doing my thing.”


How would you describe to a child what beauty feels like?

Beauty feels like all the smiles and giggles you could muster up. It feels like having your favorite snack.

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